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lirik lagu wejustfreestylin’ pt. 2 – gym class heroes

[intro conversation to open]
if he were recording
if he were recording right now
then he would be getting all this at the start
my track – yo we should have a freestyle on this
freestyle? hit ’em off with somethin
spit a verse travis, spit a verse
quit picking your nose, and come off
quit picking your nose? f-ck you

traded in my, hollow words for jelly-filled verbs
and five pound pr-nouns and predicates
this is schlep’s etiquette for sloppy fable manners get your napkins
matty duke kick the beat, and i’m rappin
top of the line, top of the world, top of the mornin to ya top dawg
that’s a top notch tie you got, tie it in a knot
’til your eyeb-lls pop out
so you can actually see what an actual mc looks like
and if i had to pick and choose
i’d be the indecisive d-ck in the votin booth
laughin at my options, like
stop the press, inform the media
schlep rock is leavin ya, walkin with prosthetic concoctions
i thought i told you, you just a toadstool
i’m mario with firepower, stickin d-ck to the princess
it’s just senseless, like that david and goliath drama
minus the slingin stones, you’re basically defenseless
anyway you wanted schlep rock’s c-ck obnoxious
it feels like a midget is chillin in my boxers

whaaaat, what? (i’m sorry)

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