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lirik lagu welcome aboard – swashbuckle

taking to the sails at dawn
ravage the seven seas
yo ho, yo ho, this pirates life for me
we’ll slit your throat; you’ll walk the plank
the sharks are all you’ll see
yo ho, yo ho, ’cause pirates we all be

reaching port town by dusk
the jolly roger flying high
caught in a fairwinds sky
we’ve come to rape and pillage –
and plunder the village

too the tavern we’ll march
alcohol surrounds – the true commodore of the seas
rum and ale, to corrupt our black hearts
through bloodshot eyes we’ll claim our prize
wenches and wh-r-s and gold galore
we’ll call this rusty shanty ‘home’
for but one night, come morn – we’ll roam
across the seas, to the horizon’s edge

avast ye!
h-rnswogglin’ swashbucklers!
buccaneers of the spanish main
the scourge of all scallywags
swimming in doubloons – yet still marooned
on some godforsaken island

nothin’ left to do but bury in sand
bury our hope – upon cap’n’s demand
treasure in a chest – marked with an ‘x’
sail into the golden sunset
in a world of map-drawn lines
true paradise defined
yo ho, yo ho, in this pirates life of mine

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