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lirik lagu we’re so underground we’re practically in japan – stairs


you could leave but what would helen think of you
she’s so down with everything you d-mn kids do
i myself economize my words it’s true
oh no, here comes the worst days all over again
there’s a bird bodied doctor in the south
who’s -ssembled teams to monitor my mouth
he suspects there’s more then there is coming out
‘hey doc, i need time to take this all in’
we’re so underground we’re practically in japan
if you can’t stop at least throw up your hands
and wave to everybody in the band
it’s not clear if their heads are in the sand

but i hope they play that one song i love
moving westward is a hobby during june
doc-menting every step in front of shoes
don’t forget to glance at what’s behind you
weave them into one
that’s advice
which i have none
we’re so underground we’re practically in j-pan
(while you were parking the van
i came up with a plan
how to signal to home
that you’re still holding his hand
are we digging a grave or are we reaching j-pan?
everyone’s so exhausted
all this shoveling of sand)