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lirik lagu westfield mansions – andy gibb

my daddy is a family lover
my mama is a pretty lady
they both work on the westfield mansions
breathing and working all day

my daddy says it ain’t such a bad job
the money really covers our heads
he really sees a man that he works for
he makes believes there’s a lot to be said

now walking down the lane in the summer
i came upon a beautiful lady
she asked me could i show her the mansions
the way that she’d come at her last

now being a gent i obliged her
and i showed her the gates of the mansions
i asked her why she comes such a long way
she said she’s got a father companion

now i’ve been wondering why i stay here
and what’s the madness that goes on
now on a one day i must leave here
and turn this house into a song

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