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lirik lagu wet cement – citizen fish


we went up to the building site
saw the bricks and the concrete piles
and watched them all working
building muscles and no-one smiled
we stood around and watched them
staring back in complete contempt
i’m building a building
signed his name in the wet cement

we walked through the cemetery
social tombstones in black and grey
someone had a bunch of flowers
talking sentiments felt o.k.
we stood in the shadows
feeling it was that time of day
when everything gloomy
hits the light as it fades away

we came to conclusions
knew that life was a paradox
so many illusions
kept alive till the old ones dropped
demolishing lifestyles
building up all the tower blocks
if life is so sacred
why spend it all in a man-made box?

we stared at the empty sh-lls
p-ssed a smile and then cried a lot
while all this was p-ssing by
no one stopped to see what they’ve got
they took it for granted
used the sp-ce for a parking lot
we’ll kick off the real world
allocating the beauty spots
industrial death camps
man made something and then forgot
knew what it should look like
trod on nature and said “well, why not?”

but you cannot replace it
just take a photo and watch it rot
and bury the feeling
till no-one knows what it really meant
got caught in a landslide
and left a name in the wet cement

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