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lirik lagu what a horrible night to have a curse – above this fire

as we hang here by a thread and as the morning light pours in i can only hope for a chance to repay everything through the hardest times to date it’s so rare to find one thing that will see me through from the darkest h-ll to the brightest heavens say what you will my hope has been restored say what you will i have redemption in my grasp say what you will i know that i can still move on say what you will but this stays with me for a lifetime when i’ve come down to the end of my rope and i cant see the end it’s good to know that i can count on you for all the times that i have almost faded away you could have easily turned and left mark my words i will be standing by your side why would you follow me to the point of no return i guess that’s what i get for putting my faith in you i get friendships that last as long as time allows for now there is a reason to hold on

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