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lirik lagu what am i doing hanging ’round? – the monkees

“what am i doing hanging ’round?”

just a loud mouth yankee i went down to mexico.
i didn’t have much time to spend, about a week or so.
there i lightly took advantage of a girl who loved me so.
but i found myself a-thinkin’ when the time had come to go…

what am i doin’ hangin’ round?
i should be on that train and gone.
i should be ridin’ on that train to san antone,
what am i doin’ hangin’ round?

she took me to the garden just for a little walk.
i didn’t know much spanish and there was no time for talk.
then she told me that she loved me not with words but with a kiss.
and like a fool i kept on thinkin’ of a train i could not miss…


well it’s been a year or so, and i want to go back again.
and if i get the money, well i’ll ride the same old train.
but i guess your chances come but once and boy i sure missed mine.
and still i can’t stop thinkin’ when i hear some whistle cryin’….


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