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lirik lagu what could’ve been – lovher


ain’t no use in second guessin’stressin’ boy

it’s a shame that you came so tight
never wouldve known you were cool on me boy please
trippin’everyday i wanna kick myself for believin’your lies
can you explain runnin’ me away and why you leavin’me
what am i gone do now

if you didn’t wanna be with me
should’ve told me
bump tryin’ to get to know me
tryin’ to be all over me
what’s the use in frontin’when
you gone walk away again
aint no use in second guessin’
stressin’; what
could’ve been, could’ve been, could’ve been

sittin’ here thinking of all those times
i was at the crib trying to give you me
never been played oh no
so i didn’t know how it goes
and i don’t wanna hit cause i know
you wanna roll
but you should’ve just told me so

[chorus 2x]

tell me why you had me callin’ you
spendin’ money on you, why did you
give me lovin’ everything that i need
since you want to
we can throw this all away
but i just thave one more thing to say
when you need me don’t come runnin’ to me
cause if you didn’t want it

[chorus 3x and fade]