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lirik lagu what for – sani nassif


imagine walking down the street on an average day
the suns out, and a warm breeze blows your way
you witness children play as you walk towards the store, you just need to
finish a quick ch-r-
so many feet rapidly beat across the concrete floor
you soon approach the market door, but suddenly you feel a searing fire
melt your skin
and then you hear a pop so loud that a roaring sound pierces into your
never in your life have you felt such pain
you couldn’t fathom what is going on
you look around you but your world is gone
never did such chaos encomp-ss your existence
smoke and fire fill the air
everywhere the floor is stained in blood from severed limbs
so many dead lay all around you
you look to the sky and wonder how such horror found you
and why someone would kill such innocent people the reality astounds you
then you try to get up but the ground bounds you
you lift your head to find your legs are gone
and the rest of your body is so damaged you wonder how you’re holding on
and you soon realize you never may have love again
and to your family and friends you’ll never get to say goodbye
so you start to cry as you die on this cold hard ground
the piercing ringing of your vanishing hopes and dreams will be the last
as you take your final breaths the sharpest pain emanates from your core
and you ask
what for?

(melodic interlude)


why are we killing so many people?
every day the news is the same nightmare but a sequel
we are all equal
but who of us want to see it?
religions tell us to be good but who of us want to be it?
am i the only one that sees it?
that these wars cannot bring peace
that the subjugation of an entire nation to war only creates oppression and
has been historically proven
to only bring more war
so as we continue to kill each other i ask what for?

verse two

it’s written within the koran do not kill disbelievers, let them be, and
coexist in peace
jesus said love your enemies and it’s written within t he torah that thou
shall not kill
then why in the name of religion does so much innocent blood spill?
what must it be, is religions misinterpretation the key?
because i hope we see it’s religions that were created to decree
peaceful notions to help bring unity,
not more conflict that will never set us free
creating and repeating more and more negativity
if we just open our eyes we will see
the destruction that has been havocked from city to city
so many dead as though it seem this bloodshed is endless
how can it not be evident taking peoples loved ones is senseless
taking peoples right to live, right to love
and enforcing belief systems through violence
trying to force people into silence
will only breed hatred and oppression
and without the proper treatment and rights people will organize fights to
live in freedom
rather than die in oppression
therefore the blood we spill will quickly spark into more war
and is that really what religion is for?
a never ending cycle of war?
or is there something more?
are religions struggles really never ending struggles through death?
or are they productive battles of the mind?
struggles to spread knowledge and wisdom for that is the only way we will
not fall behind
that is the only interpretation of religion that can bring peace
and as said before religions were created to bring peace not war
so as we continue to kill each other i ask what for?

(chorus repeat)

third verse

from syria to egypt, libya, tunisia, turkey and so many more
oppressive governments have repeatedly cause uprisings and war
so i ask what for?
are we going to continue to ignore history?
because we keep on repeating the past and that’s no mystery
so i want to say this to be, crystal clear
history has shown people will revolt from tactics based upon fear
people would rather die fighting for freedom
than live under oppression
so governments must stop the aggression and either be for the people
by the people, or be gone
because we need a helpful caring government for us all to get along
and governments; should helping people be wrong?
don’t you all want to feel like your efforts have made a difference?
instead of spending your whole lives repeating the same problems that have
been there since your birth
don’t you all want to feel like something has actually changed since you
entered this earth?
because that is exactly what you will feel when you choose to help people
and the great rate of infinitesimal change that will arise from it will
prove to you what life is all about
but there is no doubt
that without change every one of you oppressive governments will continue
to fall
and these senseless battles will continue to re-upload and install
so let us unite and stop these senseless wars for us all
before anymore die
before hundreds of thousands more lives are wasted
wasted upon thousands of building and streets
wasted fighting over power and greed
wasted fighting back tears
wasted in hatred
wasted in misinterpreted religion
wasted not making a difference
and wasted in oppression

so let us stop the aggression before we repeat the same mistakes anymore
and ask ourselves
what for?

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