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lirik lagu what means the world to me – curren$y


what mean the world to me
other than my god, my family and my music, would probably be my cause
my kicks and my louie scarves,
i’m sick, when i rap i cough, call me mr good bars
i be wit cali ovar and we rip that cali o hard, but me im from the east,
i parked a bunch o fancy cars on these misused streets,
i aint done a lot yet but my momma so proud of me
ima break my back to see her sittin on a pile o cheese
walkin around pattin my pockets for my impala keys
found em in a sofa cushion wit a pack o easy widers
and two bags o purple kush
i even found a zippo lighter, im excited homie,
i cant hide it, i cant wait to light it
your girl in the c-ck cuz she tryna meet the pilot
my stock is steady risin, my top drop when im ridin
my volume at the highest,
that’s the only that i can way i can hear the music
cuz this motor aint quiet
don’t ask if its for sale homie, cuz you cant buy it.
d-mn n-gg- let me get a chance to drive it.
my goal when i rap is to make listeners rewind it
and play it for their partners and say spitta got some nice sh-t

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