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lirik lagu what we know – miles fisher


walking is a series of falling down
and getting right back up again
i fell down pretty hard that afternoon
that you walked into my head

i was so full of b-tterflies
girl, you were full of charm
it took a lot of walking side by side
before we were arm in arm

you fell down from the clouds above
as the days turned into weeks
my arm found its way on your shoulder
my nose was rubbed against your cheek

we walk upstairs
down comes your hair from its knot above
and those b-tterflies b-tter-flied away
and what was left you once called love

h-llo, mary
it’s me, it’s me
give me a break
who else could i be?

come down
to the same ground
make the same sounds
make the same rounds with me

you know that i haven’t changed that much
you know that i still have that same touch
that makes you and makes me
so happy, mary

and i know that you know me best
and you know that i know you
better than the rest
and we know what we know

i guess i’m walking if i’m falling down
was never good at standing still
you always liked to move all around
water through a fish’s gill

i thought that you and i
would forever always be
but when i tripped you could’ve broken my fall
but instead i scr-ped my knee

and we know what we know
and we know what we know, don’t we?