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lirik lagu what’s all this singing for? – street bulldogs

singing times of change
i and i wonder, is it worth?
has it ever been?
when the mics are out and you’re safe back home
nothing’s changed, but do you see it?
well, i guess it’s more than words that it takes to change it all
intelligence, action and courage
not a copied circus in every town
sorry, it’s just for fun, you should’ve told me
that all these shows are meant to be
simple dancing pleasure for your few folks
nothing more than i’ve ever seen
you call it wolfpack and you’re so right
’cause you’re no more than 10 or 9
and if what you preach is so positive
why keeping it inside your pockets?
we want to make this change
and we’re gonna spread our message to everyone
we’re gonna use the media as we wanna
and start the revolution with their own guns
and i hope you understand, join us in this ’till the end
even if we die, god it’s for the cause
wanna see my brothers living just like us

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