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lirik lagu what’s the difference – anti-flag

the const-tution crumbles beneath the weight of facists
no right to -ssemble – no free speech for the m-sses
seattle ’99 the mayor’s decree
anti – w.t.o statements are grounds for an arresting!

our leaders decry tianamen
and dare to speak of freedom
as they unleash our cops on us
so… what’s… the f-cking difference?

behind locked doors in session
world sponsored coroporate politicians
structure policy to build more coroporate strength
fight strength – with strength!
at news conference they claim, “we listen!”
while they lockout their own const-tuents
so we march on to raise our voice
because we are left with no choice!

in china, nike pays workers fifty cents a day
in the u.s. lawmakers give china “free trade”
human rights-based sanctions just washed away
when our lawmakers are owned by multinational; s money


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