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lirik lagu when the scream subsides – ultravox


(and we talk, and we talk) just the two of us
(all the time, all the time) nothing serious
(we pretend, we pretend) time is on our side
(’til the end, ’til the end) when the scream subsides

yes, we had it all, had the secrets in our hands
we could see the fall as the martyr understands
when the chorus calls, there’s no hope inside
lose it all when the scream subsides


yes, we took the role of the lovers and the friends
and we played the parts ’til the words came to an end
but the tongues were tied in the p-ssion and the pride
wasted all when the scream subsides

(and we talk, and we talk… and we talk, to the end)

(chorus x2 to fade)

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