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lirik lagu when the sky turns black – brutality


pale existence – clouds encase the sky
rain falls swiftly – lightning smashes earth
blackness expands – doom lingers
rebelling forces – nature cleansing
planet sc-m

time has p-ssed – stones cracked
tarnished with age
overgrowth secludes the tombs in dark silent stance
monument toppled – washed away
memories of dead adrift

hollowness echoes – shrieking sounds
power increases – levels extreme
pounding jolts – crash the hammer slams
atmosphere in chaos – life extracted

evidence of death tolls – choked in blinding fury
ruthless -ssault – generations destroyed
people lay wasted – condemned
struggling to live – change for forgiveness

lamenting slowly – transcribing the texts
shrouds uncovered – energies aligned
drawn into oblivion – darkness unfolds
epidemic proportions – fire and brimstone

running for cover – souls embodied
sky turns black – breath is sifted
out of lungs – traumatic shock
will of the gods – pray to save us