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lirik lagu when two men kiss – across the border


i’m not behind your boy
and i’m not behind your -ss
i don’t want to fall in love
with the whole male working cl-ss
you say that i’m a problem
but the problem isn’t me
it’s your narrow minded s-xuality
given by the law, by the church and their holy hypocrisy
you don’t like when two men kiss,
but child p-rnography

f-ck you

mum said “why don’t you marry
the girl who lives next door?”
my dad said “go to h-ll”,
while he beat me to the floor
the eyes of a child can’t see a difference
between the love of two gays
and the love of their parents
a girl brought flowers to these boys
while they where kissing behind a tree.
“don’t do this again” shouted her mother,
“and now wash your hands.”

f-ck you

why can’t we understand,
when two men are kissing hand in hand?