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lirik lagu when you’re far away – gladys knight & the pips


i had a chance to think
since you’ve been away
i’ve been down everything on my mind
concerning you and i and our love

my feelings all seem to lead back
to that same old thought
that is “i love you and i really can’t do without you”
but when you’re gone, sometimes i feel like loving another

when you’re far away
i can’t get close to you
i don’t feel wanted and secure
when you’re far away
there’s no one else around
to love me boy, i need you here
come close to me
(want you baby, won’t stay here with me)

[verse 2:]
my love is you is strong
but it can’t make up for the distance
that you put between us when you leave
each time you go
i wanna beg you to stay or take me with you
life is much to short
to be waiting around for you to be with me
don’t you understand that i want you
(and i know that you want me)
but when you’re gone
it doesn’t seem to help my feelings

[chorus] (2x)

when you’re far away
when you’re far away

[verse 2]

[chorus] (3x)