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lirik lagu where idols once stood – thrice


our idols lay in ruins
we’d have saved them if we could
but we still choose to worship
the places where our idols stood

still believing
they can save us
i’ve lived this way
too long to turn back now

presuppositions set in stone
this coffin sealed by my own pride
and though it seems the sun will shine
i’ll draw the shades and stay inside

if we’ve learned anything at all
it’s that the ghosts of idols
will do just as well
we all see what we want to anyway, anyway

some things are better left unsaid
you know what’s at stake
some things are better left unsaid

as long as we keep it in textbooks
then we’ll be untouchable, untouchable
we hate to lie to children
but after all it’s all for their own good
for their own good