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lirik lagu where it’s always been – phillips, craig & dean

there is a battle in the heartland
where my faith and real life meet
sometimes hope seems out of reach

i hear the growing cry for freedom
am i equal to the call
where’s the love that conquers all

it’s so easy to be human
so human to give in
but when i reach beyond my weakness
i’m reminded once again

the power is still where it’s always been
his word is alive
jesus still lives
the power of his blood hasn’t lessened or dimmed
it’s where it’s always been
it’s where it’s always been

where’s the p-ssion for the mission
where’s the fervour of our faith
where’s the evidence of grace

where’s the love that finds comp-ssion
in the sea of human need
where’s the truth that sets man free

in a world that holds no answers
every heart will someday find
that everything they long for has been there all the time


there’s a cross that i can hold to
there’s a reason to believe
there’s an empty grave that’s calling out to me

[repeat chorus]

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