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lirik lagu where you are – rascal flatts

there you are standing strong,
i’m a leaf holding on
you believe like a child,
in this fire runnin’ wild
oh i love how you see
right to the heart of me

you’re a waterfall, washing over me
i’m a thirsty man let me drink you in
well i am on my way,
you’re a mountain top
when i reach for you, your love lifts me up
all that i want is to be
where you are

i’m the frozen ground, you’re the warm sunlight
shining down on me, baby just in time
well i have never been in a love like this
oh, you move my soul every time we kiss
and i love how you heal;
i can’t believe how alive i feel


where you are – oooo, oooo, oooo


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