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lirik lagu where’s the show – let me be a man – willie nelson

explain again to me lord when i’m here i don’t know i don’t know
the setting for the stage is still not clear where’s the show where’s the show
let it begin let it begin i’m born can you use me

what would you have me to do lord shall i sing them a song
i could tell them all about you lord i could write of the loves i have known
i’ll work in their cotton and cornfields i promise to do all i can
i’ll laugh and i’ll cry i’ll live and i’ll die please lord let me be a man
dear lord let me be a man and i’ll give it all that i can
if i’m needed in this distant land please lord let me be a man

before i begin this lavel of journing portraiting most tipical man
last minute of destruction would surely be welcome
please lord let me hold to your hand
dear lord let me be a man…

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