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lirik lagu who am i – maren ord

i guess i’ve come a long ways and i don’t even know it
i guess i’ve seen a lot of days and i don’t know how to show it
it seems people come and people go
but somehow i gotta get on with the show
it’s all the same
i hope i don’t blow it

who are you and who am i?
it’s hard to say sometimes
how am i supposed to fly?
i really don’t know, do you?
who are you and who am i?
it’s hard to try when i’m so down
who am i?

suppose it’s been a long time but i still have lots to say
i know that everything’s fine even if it doesn’t go my way
i still have a little time to grow
i have a little more that i could know
so, what if everything died?
there’s still another day


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