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lirik lagu who do you love – ian hunter


(ian hunter)

driving off in the rain and snow
oh the jets ain’t jumping cause the clouds too low
i wanna know
i wanna know
i wanna know
the ice on the window the highway the sea
who do you love is it him or is it me
hey hey i wanna know

i called detroit city on the telephone
the man on the line tell me you ain’t home
i wanna know
who’s that voice
what’s (…?)
there’s a deep red glow in the early morning sky
who do you love better make up your mind

don’t wanna buy love
don’t wanna try love
i just want your love babe

hey alright!

well its five in the morning and the place is dead
i’m gonna rest my body on a empty bed
who do you love
i gotta know
what’s his name karen
what’s your game
make up your mind are you his are you mine
when you get back i ask you one more time
hey hey!
hey hey!