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lirik lagu who got da juice – apathy


(yo man, aiyyo man)
aiyyo, aiyyo where the f-ck is my gummy beary juice at man?
where the f-ck is my gummy bear y juice at first of all man?
(i don’t know son)
(n-gg-z came over they was bouncin here there and everywhere)
(sh-t just came up missin)
yo what the f-ck that gotta do with my sh-t man?
how the f-ck you ain’t gon’ have my sh-t and i left it in your fridge?
{aiyyo-yo-yo-yo-yo, aiyyo}
{aiyyo tommy just got stomped the f-ck out son}
{dupe igged on him, mad ‘dros just came through man}
{stomped a n-gg- out man, the n-gg- layin there}
{all kinds of gummy beary juices comin from the n-gg- god}
(easy, easy, easy)
yo f-ck that, i’m comin to get my gummy beary juice man
f-ck that~! (easy kid, is he dead?)
[tchk] is he dead? what the f-ck you mean is he dead?
n-gg- layin there like a newborn f-ckin bear
(“whatever they do, gummy bear… “)

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