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lirik lagu who i am – alice peacock

i don’t want to play your game
that everyone should be the same
i know who i am
don’t need your philosophy
it isn’t any use to me
i know where i stand
in the ways of life and art
i trust the wisdom of my heart
i may stumble, i may fall
but i know that through it all
if to my own self i am true
than i’m sure to make it through
it doesn’t matter what you say
cuz’ i know i’ll be okay
i know who i am
i may not be your fantasy
or what you think i’m ‘sposed to be
well i understand
but what you clearly fail to see
is there’s n-body else quite like me
in this wonderland
my luck begins with these two hands
cuz’ nothing happens just by chance
i’m courageous, i am kind, a contradiction in
your mind, my s-xuality belongs to no one else
but me, i believe that love’s a choice
i trust the power in my voice

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