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lirik lagu why – crossfade


walking madly – feeling strangely and i’m not sure where to go
i got a funny feeling – have i lost my meaning
i wish i could go home
when you said you were leaving i didn’t let it affect me
sat on the bar and let them flow
now i’m lost and lonely
i wish you never told me what i didn’t want to know

and i will crawl on my own –
i’m taken by your smile
as i’m lyin beside you dying inside
i don’t know

why i try to save this when all i ever want to do is get as far as i can go
where there’s nothing left of me and
you’re now worthless to me you are no more
i’m as far as i can go –
nothing left of me and you

i thought the buzz would help me
i think it just made me crazy
can’t pull me out of this hole
you say you could not save me –
you wouldn’t stay to watch me
it was too much on your soul
now i’m feelin alright to get us back to right
and you’re nowhere i can find
no longer living blindly
just seemed to be bad timing
cuz you walked into the night

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