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lirik lagu wikileaks – crimewave


all these rappers hoes, they gon’ get exposed
feel like lil wikileaks, you already know [4x]

[verse 1]
okay these n-gg-s don’t get it
breach it, i kick it
while you playing shows, all you hear is just some crickets
chilling with your b-tch
she grab my sh-t and then unzip it
take my d-ck and then she lick it
you know where she gonna stick it
don’t you know i f-ck her right
n-gg- never gonna split
make her get out up my crib
and then i tell her ‘nice to meet ya’
all hoes on my d-ck, (?)
you a void, you’re a puppet, looking like your cousin skeeta
call my n-gg- joe, who you know he got a f-ckin’ heater
roll up on your block, shoot a n-gg- looking like (?)
young crimewave, don’t even try me
b-tch you know i’m f-cking ready
b-tch i’m going fast and n-gg- might need a f-ckin’ k!ll me(?)