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lirik lagu will someone ever look at me that way – barbra streisand

look at how he looks at her
will someone ever i look at me that way-
full of all the feelings and the soft
unspoken words that lovers say?
i thought that i knew ev’ry single
look and sweet expression on his face,
yet this is one that i don’t recognize,
although i’ve sat and studied him for hours.
but now i see how love completely occupies
a pair of’ eyes…
see the way’ they gaze at her,
like slaves they follow every where she goes.
do my eyes forget themselves
and do i ever look at him
and smile in such a way
that what i’m feeling shows?
sometimes i have the feeling
everybody knows…
and even though it’s crazy,
still i can’t help wondering
if i’ll ever live to see the day
when by some miracle of miracles,
he’ll turn around
and look at me that way!

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