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lirik lagu will you rewrite history with me – bridge to solace

i know that sometimes is not easy to forgive me, but i f-cking swear i still bear this cross, and sometimes i even felt the need to bear thousand f-cking more.
i had my share from this stinky piece of cake called regret, but i will no longer humiliate myself to your need of calling myself a sinner, while you are easily taking the crown of the saints.
how long do we have to bear our f-cking crosses on our shoulders as a dead weight that pushes us into apathy?
how long do we have to confess sins that we actually never ever committed?
will we always be separated into saints and sinners?
those who bear the crosses might just as well have the glory, while the ones considered clean might just caught red handed.
i will no longer humiliate myself.
i will no longer cry tears of regret.
i will just rise and take the crown, fly towards the sky and let this world burn their hypocrite saints, and let them rent a place in h-ll.
this sky is ours.

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