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lirik lagu wishing the hours away – all about eve

dazed in the twilight
i see the mayfly fly
cl-stering ’round streetlamps of a small town
rush around, around
flicker to the ground like snow…
or the embers of a drowsy fire in cinders
ephemeral, perpetual…
and frail, pale,
written in water, fading
as the clothes we wore drift to the sh-r-
in waves…
in choirs, in spires.

white dressed… moon blessed…
milk… breast… flower…
wishing the hours away…

time, still fleeting
transcending, neverending
still meeting here with eternity
still hand in hand
washed clean of sand, like sh-lls…
then time flies by
and moments die in thousands
enshrouded, clouded

white dressed… moon blessed
milk… breast… flower
wishing the hours away
soft-fleshed… dark nest…
miles away…

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