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lirik lagu with cameras rolling – the undercard

i can feel it, your body i’m tasting
cut the lights out it’s time we’re wasting
shake it off, trust that you know
don’t look back, there’s no where to go
they grind you down, they count you out
lets give ’em something to talk about
her boyfriend wants to see her crumble
(if you ask they all look the same to me)
it’s too late to get back the time
his girlfriend said that she don’t like it
and now she’s taking back her life
the cameras rolling, smile for the crowd
don’t let them see, don’t open your mouth
for what it’s worth i feel the same
don’t satisfy on pointing the blame
and there’s nothing in this world could chane her mind and she goes on and on
and there’s nothing in this world could change her mind and now she’s moving on!

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