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lirik lagu with progress consequence – circadian skizm

with our minds we design
stamp our mark in p-ssing time
never weighing out the price
of our selfish deadly pride

foolish fascination
advance in decadence
no consideration
with progress, consequence

we fuel our fate with l-st
with progress consequence
we fill the streets with blood

history rinse and repeat
our success is their defeat
twisted story planted seed
garden choked out by the weed

the current pace of communication
to the ends of this world and beyond
within the blink of an eye
all we’ve ever known could be gone

servants to our own creations
severed souls in the storm
slaves to our desecration
conscience crushed by evolution

has the wicked in this world
or do we hear just hear about it
with ease?

my mind erodes with pleasure
still i respect no boundary

build break burn destroy the land
love hate learn another plan

we find a way
the price we pay

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