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lirik lagu with your badself – 2 live crew


whenever i see you, my heart’s like thunder
verse 1: fresh kid ice
i’d like to know you better, and that’s no lie
hey pretty lady, what’s your name and number?
you’re an angel from heaven, a blessing in disguise
just give me a chance and let me try
time stood still when i saw your eyes
let me show you the things i one day felt

so go on! {badself!}
verse 2: brother marquis
you got a face of a queen in a beauty contest
you got a body that’s stickin’; some men die for less
you’re a lady in the 80s, never wild or crazy
just takin’ your time, not having any babies
not depending on others to get what you need
a modern-day woman with the will to succeed
tryin’ harder every day to increase your wealth,
so go on! {badself!}

verse 3
they’re so envious because she’s not with it
[kid ice] she’s the one i want to be in my life
[marquis] all the girls don’t like her because she’s independent
she’s a real lady; her mind’s on other things
she can’t be bought with gold or diamond rings!
the lady i need to be my wife
never in a crowd, she keeps to herself
so go on! {badself

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