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lirik lagu without you (naked) – scouting for girls

without you (naked)

in my head, i keep my demons
you were the first, the first and last to see them,
you saved me and gave me everything i need,
you brought to my knees

you were scared and i was broken,
the words we shared and those we left unspoken.
now i need you, to tell me, that everything’s ok.
and you still want to stay

without you without you
i might as well give up
without you without you
i know i screwed it up.
but i’m wide open, still hoping
this is just a dream
one day i’ll wake up and you’ll be
naked next to me

i know you’re gone, cause i’m bruised and bleeding
and though it’s wrong, i keep believing
the next time, i see you, we can make it all o.k
cause i won’t let you walk away

i know, i know we can make it
i know without you i’m naked.
i know, i know we can make it
i know i want you back naked.

i heard that love was a strange game,
and i found that time don’t heal all pain
so i’ll just keep breathing
i’ll just keep breathing
until we meet again

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