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lirik lagu wizard of the hood – icp


one time, the icp with this sh-t for your boys to say “f-ck yeah”
to.yo j, kick some of that sh-t about the wizard and all that, drop a
psyco beat and rap bald-headed f-ck.

(violent j)
aw sh-t home boy you should have seen me
i was drunk at the party drinking fifth of md
strait p-ssed of on his mothers bed
seven cans of brew going through my head
dreamin’, i was sippin’ on faygo
in my dope house and here comes a tornado, huh
i can’t run nowhere, cuz the whole
d-mn house was spinnin through the air(d-mn!)
and don’t laugh just yet
(and it bland my mother f-ckin eyes)bet
and here comes a three and a half foot pimp
with a blue zoo suit and a mack daddy limp
yo’ i got a grip on my weapon
cuz this midgit motherf-cka and his boys are steppin
(o my! look at the witch you crushed and killed that wicked old b-tch)
and they sayin that i’m doomed
cuz i killed some ho that rides on a broom
f-ck this i’m goin back to where i stay
and i’m walkin down the yellow-brick alleyway

we’re off to see the wizard
sing along, sing along
we’re off to see the wizard

drop the motherf-ckers all the way to del-ray

well go on motherf-cker

(violent j)
now i’m roamin just like a b-sshead
everybody know just where the alley lead
and don’t say you don’t know, which way to go
yo there go the scarecrow, i ain’t playin this bullsh-t no mo’
so i wip out the n-gg-r-plate the double-four
best tell my -ss how to get back
or i’ll blow a straw out your f-ckin head
you wanna see the wizard?
f-ck ya i do
gimmie off this pole and i’ll come with you
you know the wiz?
yea its the road for him then he gave me on a ‘gene now
i bullet for him
now me and the crow was walkin on bricks
spittin and cusin and holdin our d-cks
thinkin “d-mn, this ain’t how the movie goes
i ain’t seen one m-th-rf-ckin rainbow”
ain’t a fresh pair of kicks in the land, just what you thought
there go the tin man
how you get to the wizard?
what the f-ck? i ain’t sayin sh-t ’til you oil me up
i don’t see any motherf-ckin oil, bro
oil me up with a fourty or redbull
ha, just like the book said
tin man was stumblin like a crackhead
old -ss rustin on metal but we was on our way to see the wizard of the ghetto
(yea, yea, yea)

“somewhere over the rainbow”
f-ck up, b-tch(machine gun)d-mn! this ain’t kansas ho
this is southwest motherf-ckin ghetto zone b-tch
so get yo stank -ss up and you and toto get the f-ck on

(violent j)
yea we’ve come a long way
(drop the mother f-ckers all way to del-ray)
and i’m a wonderland story book tourist
grippin that .44 we comin up to the forest
anything could be out there
lions, tigers, and maybe a bear
hoods, hoodloms, and thieves oh my
hoods, hoodloms, and thieves oh my
hoods, hoodloms, and thieves oh my
i’ma kick somebody in they f-ckin eye
don’t f-ck with me at a time like this
i’ll send out a bullet guaranteed won’t miss
so i just move and the hooks are flyin
you’ve come and buck with the f-ck lion
i want rings, chains any kind of gold
or what?
or i’ll let this nine unfold
man, f-ck this come back to del-ray
there you can rob m-th-rf-ckers everyday
crackheads, hos whatever can name
catch all the rich ones come out the ballgame(yea)
so finaly we was at the castle
and with the guards we got no hastle
they all just got the f-ck out our way
i guess even in oz they know of violent j
(ungh, ungh, ungh)


yo where’s the motherf-ckin wizard stay?
who wants to know?
i want a word with him at gun point
‘cuz there’s no place like detroit

welcom to the wizards kindom
the wizard of the ghetto as you say
welcome to the wizards kingdom
sorry motherf-cker this where you stay
scarecrow you ain’t sh-t to me
and the lion ain’t but a snack for three
tin man don’t take me for a sucka
i’ll chew your -ss up and spit bullets out mother f-cker

(machine gun fires)

we let it rain
seventy-nine slugs to his motherf-ckin brain
then i step back cool and calm
because the tin man was dropin cl-ster bombs
everybody know about car jackin
so me and the fellas went home mackin
jumped in a smooth -ss ride
drop top geo says “wiz” on the side
gripped back to the hood where we came from and that sh-t was fun
next thing i knew i was back at the pary got up and was fixin to tell everybody
but i just let it p-ss cuz i know they’ll laugh at my drnk -ss(-ss -ss -ss)
(ha ha ha ha ha ha ha)

drop the mother f-ckers all the way to del-ray(2x)

louder louder and louder
(clapping)thankyou very much
my next poem is very short one(clear throat)
dismay dismay o how there’s dismay in may
(clapping)thankyou thankyou

and now poetry from our friend 2 dope
f-ck out of here man
(clears throat)
(blows and taps mic)
is this thing on?
(taps mic)
(clears thoat)
a beautiful b-tterfly was floating by
it landed on my cheek just a smidgit from my eye
i said to my little friend
get the f-ck off me bug!