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lirik lagu wolflust – angel corpse

suckled at the teat of the she-wolf
i was born in the light of the gibbous moon

fathered by vengeance and carnal l-st
unholy matrimony of blood and sperm


shape shift moonlight feral scent
spurting frothing seed raracious dread

terror bathing ensanguined venom flows
parting the flesh of the daughters of men


beast of raping blood
pillaging unclean desire
loathsome h-llhound nightmare of death
where shadows fall-beware

twilight unscathing
bloodbath infant rending
a spell a cry from limb from limb
enter on all fours the witch

the hunger slaked my loins now spent
silence entombs save for the howling of the d-mned

h-ll has fufilled my blackened destiny
bestial deeds of h-ll paced death

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