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lirik lagu woman don’t like a good man – del reeves


well i broke up with my little girl today the third one this week
i asked her what was wrong with me she said son you’re just too sweet
oh i don’t know what gave her what i did i thought i’d take her advice
cause i’m gettin’ sick and tired of hearin’ them say that i’m just too sweet and nice

a woman don’t like a good man a good man a good good good man
woman don’t like a good man so i’m a gonna turn out bad

i’m going out most every night some bad things i have done
but i’m here to tell it every man around that i’m having twice as much fun
well i make every honky tonk in this town i walk around with a drink in my hand
then i hang a cigarette from my bottom lip and i dance to a swinging band

cause a woman don’t like a good man…

i don’t know how long i can go on a bad man even gets tired
it’s all so gettin’ expensive you know and furthermove i just got fired
but the girl is still just a pickin’ flies i can’t get them all from me
and this is what true happiness is and happy i’m a gonna be

cause a woman don’t like a good man…

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