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lirik lagu won’t be pathetic forever – the wonder years

i’ve been waking up up at twelve p.m., in my boxers in this dirty bed,
eating sour patch watermelons the boys murked the day before.
i’m watching bad reruns of mad tv, this sh-ts not even close to funny,
but i don’t work today ’til three and the remote is on the floor.
when are you coming over? please, just say right now.
we won’t sleep our lives away,
and today(and today, and today.)
we’ll make waves.
in this lake of sh-t we’ve made, i refuse to sink.
we cant live our lives this way;
not today (or today, or today.)
if this sea of metaphoric bullsh-t stays, i won’t sink.
the party starts at nine p.m. at which ever house is close and vacant,
we’ll call the ten friends we’ve got left to pretend we’ve got a life.
the boys are slaying sh-tty brews, and i’ve been slaying orange juice.
you know we don’t got sh-t to do, i guess we’ll stay the night, f-ck.
it’s too cold out to ride my bike today.
it’s been raining since we got home last week
some nights, i f-cking love this town
but most nights, i f-cking hate this.
lately, i’ve been thinking about being a doctor or a teacher,
lately, i’ve been thinking about being someone at all;
just someone who changes something.

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