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lirik lagu wonderful day – o.a.r.


-it was a hot hot day, middle of may,
saw my baby walking my way,
she is the cutest thing ive ever seen,
shes got the black black hair,
little black dress,
and a suit of pair…
little hunny she walked up on me…
-we walk, and we talk,
we don’t have no time to stop that day,
that day was a wonderful day, that day ,
was the best dam day that day….
well i lost my mind…
i don lost my mind a thousand times,
and u would too
if u see the things i do,
oo my baby she brings my world down,
and i cannot thanks her enough
for letting me wear the crown,
and one day she walk up to me
and that was the best dam day
i got in my life, in my life, in my life…
-so we walk and we talk ,
we don’t have time to stop, that day ,
that day was a wonderful,
that day best dam day that day,
that day, that day, that day,
was, such a wonderful day…
how many of u guys feel
that today is a wonderful day,
lets take that att-tude into the rest
of the evening and into tomorow,
we appreciate u guys being here tonight…