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lirik lagu wood grain wheel – slim thug

ay i gots ta work my wood grain wheel
trunks steady b-mpin, grillz steady comin

[slim thug]
i takin off down the runway, broad day sunday
haters lookin at me, i ain’t playin nuttin but gunplay
hand on the grain, while i’m sw-ngin down the oneway
boppas everywhere, i see it’ll be a fun day
i might as well stay up all night, ’til it’s monday
my sh-t will probably end up where my son stay
got baby momma drama, cause the b-tch drivin a hyundai
and i got a rolls, g’s up hoes – still down
’til i’m down watch me act a d-mn clown
?? sit around makin m-th-f-ckas frown
flippin through my town, tryin to see what the f-cks up
boss city ballas, b-tch n-gg-s get your bucks up
i gotta king ranch, that’ll make you put ya trunks up
lookin like them other boys ran all they luck up
d-mn ‘sho can’t touch us, we them true bosses
you know how we do it fool, we them holdin flosses


[slim thug]
now i gots ta work my wood grain wheel
hand on the steel, cause them haters on my heels
make me a ‘mil and done it before the deal
them other boys lyin, slim thugga speak the real
candy paint shinin, 5th wheel reclinin
caddy goin topless, like them dancers at (the diamond)
boss, yea blindin, everybody lookin
and where i’m from, women ain’t the only ones cookin
boys gettin paid, pushin caddy escalades
still roll vogues, used to roll blades
?? braids in the phase, when we reppin for our side (northside)
and you ain’t ridin slabs, if them ain’t sw-ngas on your ride
ready for whatever, if you think thugga scary
i’ll unload the glock, if it get necessary
been legendary in the streets of the h
cause i stay ridin 4’s, puttin candy in your face… mayne


[slim thug]
this drink got me leanin, i ain’t smoke all day so i’m fienin
i’m feelin like i’m livin and i’m livin like i’m dreamin
my candy slab gleamin, i p-ss with a flash
smashin the gas, ?? boyz on gl-ss
sw-ng like i’m bout to crash, then i hook the other way
make my slab sway, down here that’s how we play
ridin down that mlk, chunkin dueces to that trae (where you at, trae?)
n-gg-s on the grind mayne, boys is on they j
i got diamons on my collar, shoes say prada
shades say the same, i’ma kill them on them mayne
while i’m workin wood grain, i’ma hogg on the road
i make ’em move around, like them laws on they roll
trunk steady hummin, you hear me when i’m comin
beat hittin hard, soundin like a drummer drummin
everyday i stay stuntin, ain’t gon’ to stop ’til i’m dead
on the northside we ride blue, not the red


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