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lirik lagu words sound & power – christafari

icaro revolutions
the bible says nothing can exist without him

to that a say hallelujah amem

enough things around telling us there is a creator

how the trees them grow, the wind that blow upon your
face as evidence

christafari jah jah jah jah jah creator > christafari
jehovah messiah my savior, christafari.

the world them say each man is right in his own way;

while we steal and we lie and hurt one another each

we bring a message of truth a precious rain for this
dry land-dry land

we bear the name of our god under the rule of his
mighty hand


in the beginning was the word the word was with jah
and was jah

and through jesus christ all things were made and we
sing glory hallelujah

anointed to serve the people of earth shedding his
blood to redeem us

we carry his banner we lift it up high, high, high

well christafari comes to evangelize, to preach the
gospel with no compromise clearly in our words, in
lyrics and our lives – to dispel the lies and run
make them realize that jah our light and our
so we have to spread god’s message out to every
we are missionaries out in the foreign back at home
edify always giving god the glory we lift him on

[chorus 3x]

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