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lirik lagu wretched – eternal deformity

when we are treatched
we may as wretcheds
all they must see
our wunds and pain

harr-ssed ruthless cry
no forgivness by…
pity in eyes stay
we should pray

with mourn in tomb lying why?
cause your soul decline
frightened for one chance we plead
to save noones lead
cure by peace man almoust live
sins for other give
by fear i must change my way
will i see god this day
the time will come for us to see
cover thin like a life
boldness decay
shows omission of sin
don’t wash blame away

predictons of others
burns in anger
courageos in feavers
become a tears

who cure wounds and foregive
and peace who give
in good faith, breake through
pain and go away
when we by love
embraced again
the pain will be
the truth an death

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