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lirik lagu wtfwjd – i set my friends on fire

have you ever heard a thunder bolt voice your name?
lets all just reach our hands into the dark,
and feel what reaches back!
i stopped subscribing to you a long time ago,
but i still see you, every f-cking month!

don’t get the octopus upset,
it may eat itself!
if only we could grow back our privileges.
tunnel vision (if only i could touch your face again, again!)
i am not sleeping;
i’m only resting my eyes,
i’m only resting my eyes!

i didn’t think that air could scream in resistance,
until you, approached me protesting your advancement,
don’t walk any closer, don’t you dare, walk any closer!
i forgot who you were…

“game over”

a dinner party, a last chance,
a love song, a bear dance.
raising tension on your rhythmic pounding,
i knew you were scared!
didn’t think that i would play dead.
next time come to cl-ss fully prepared.

reply to my lines like we practiced earlier today.
oh c’mon don’t be shy!
they’ll applause to anything you have to say!

i spy, you spy! with my little eye
that the desert you’ve deserted is a little dry.

drinking all the moisture from the air,
i am so dry… let me get a sip of what you
want me to say! i am so thirsty!

dragging the moisture from the air.
i am so dry…

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