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lirik lagu x – set it off – static

wait every hour of every day
played light, played hard
had to go my way
i feel like death wearing a disguise
can’t catch my breath
from all this noise

i want
i’m f-cking bored
give me a new found sensation
take it
take all the pills
i’ll try anything to get me off
come on
kicked in the -ss
why do you tell me i can’t?
fake it
i cant go on
give me anything to set it off

i bite your tongue
watch with keen eyes
i found the gun
nervouse excitement
go on and touch it
you just might like
i sip your poison one last time

my confidence is all that’s left
under this veil i count the minutes
i’m growing weaker
search for a glimmer
pulsating sounds come blaring out
you may be right
my mind is gone
i’ll try anything to set this off

set it off
anything to set it off

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