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lirik lagu xr2 – mia

where were you in 92?

this is how we do in the xr2
the boyz look fine, stereo’s alpine
20/20 , thunderbird at 12 0 9
took a pill good time all the time

brick lane m-ssive
we were like grime
labrynth, world dance
bagleys time
high top fades
we aint never paid
roll up jeans e ‘s lucozade
versaci jeans shades and chains
we roll in there like we late
dj mcs private raves
keep it secret , light it mate.

whistle, whistle
blow, blow

here we, here we
go, go

some of them drink heineken
and some of them drink bacardi
some of them talk a lot of sh-t
and act rowdy
some say people follow me
some say people is the key
when the music’s got a beat
then that’s what gets me

some people think we r stupid but we r not

xr2 808
mp3 mc8
xox the mc5
mtv has add
nbc n bet,
bbc is oap
rem klf
iq up the icq,
cb4 cpt
bbd n atl
pdd had big
nyc had rnb
opp yrb
tlc swv
jo. d. c
i love u
s l 2

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