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lirik lagu yamiso – america gomorrah


why am i so
weak, when i want to be strong?
selfish, when i want just to give?
dirty, when i long to be clean?
blind, when i know how to see?

why am i so?
because i am so
no worse than me, you can’t deny
the chief of sinners am i

why do i do,
what i wish not to?
oh god, have mercy on i
sinner am i

why am i such a
liar, when the truth be known?
fool when the wisdom is mine?
thief, when i have all i need?
beggar, if i am so rich?

what a wretched man, oh that i am.
who will set me free from this body of death?
who is he that condemns, but he who sets free
oh the lamb of god, it’s for me that you bleed

why am i so
guilty, when the debt has been paid?
red, if i’m white as snow?
dead, if i shall live?
selfish, when i want just to give?

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