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lirik lagu yeah – 88 miles per hour

i saw you and i couldn’t take my eyes away
i swore i saw you looking my way
but i wasn’t sure then
i said to my friend well look at her
you had me taken and i didn’t know your name
my heart was aching with so much pain
like a girl i knew
but it was different because i didn’t know you

we never met again until that day
it was nothing short of a memory
i know for certain that i saw you
but you never talked to me anyway yeah

we had just met but friendship flew right by
you were perfect but i wasn’t the right guy
i guess waiting and watching thinking if i should ask
but if i didn’t then i knew the moment would p-ss
what was i to do?

i wish i could go back to that place where i met that familiar face
but now i’m certain it’s gone
it’s lost forever
forever my roller rink girl

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