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lirik lagu yell out – pennywise

shot down a million times
but i won’t be fooled again
i need some time to figure it out
and put things on the mend
they say that time heals all
well i hope that’s true for me
been stabbed in the back so many times
by my troubled history
just need a reason why can’t i just justify
all the pain and suffering
yell out in defiance
your world’s not for me
confused on a path down a one-way street
blind from what i can’t see
i did it once before like some stupid trend
but i won’t be fooled again
blank stares from a million eyes
that are looking back at me
i sit around and ask myself
just what the f-ck they see
am i all that you ever wanted
do i fit your policy?
wont be a victim of your mad disease
or your uniformity

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