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lirik lagu yellow balloon – the yellow balloon

i never liked the rain before.
it always made me stay inside.
there’s one thing that i know for sure,
i’ve got a reason to like it since you took me for a rainbow ride.

it’s raining, it’s pouring, but i don’t care no more.
it’s like a yellow balloon.
chor on a rainy afternoon.
and like a yellow balloon…

i never felt this way before,
it’s a feelin that i can’t explain.
there’s one thing that i know for sure
i can tell you’re feeling it too
cause when i’m walkin with you in the rain…


i love you, yes i do.
and i know, you love me too
raindrops fallin on the street
i don’t care, cause when we meet
i know the sky is gonna get lighter
the suns gonna shine a little brighter


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