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lirik lagu yellow blues – charlie robison

make or break don’t cause a quake
you don’t want no one to awake
and take their cue

well promises are overrated
vows have just become outdated
ain’t it true

well find yourself an easy way
n-body’s gonna make you stay
and see it through

maybe because you’re yella
maybe that’s the reason
that i got the blues

well find a clown and watch him drown
the one that never had a frown
there ain’t no glue

to make him smile to all your friends
and help him redefine your sins
and get a clue

wrap yourself in cellophane
to keep you pretty from the rain
but i see right through


i guess you’ll get another chance
to make the ones you need to dance
to different tunes

and you’ll find a way to lose the day
that’s gonna gonna come your way
they’ll get you soon

bad things they come to those that wait
so baby don’t you hesitate
it’s your balloon

chorus x 2

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